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Treasure Hunter Gran Hotel Son Net

Gran Hotel Son Net - Mallorca -

Treasure Hunter

Discover everything our hotel has designed for you

Treasure Hunter

Indulge and experience in style the different rooms of this historic building from the 17th century.

Would you like to enjoy different rooms along your stay? Gran Hotel Son Net has 31 unique rooms, individually designed, with its own personality. The treasure hunter deal offers the possibility to enjoy rooms with amazing views, with a private jacuzzi or even a magnificent suite in a few days.

When changing rooms during your stay, we will arrange everything for you, so that you only have to open the door with the ancient keys to your new home for this evening.

No room type guaranteed and room moves involved, which we will handle for you. Fully prepaid and non-refundable offer.

Offer valid from 26/10/2021 To 25/12/2021
Treasure hunter gran hotel son net mallorca