"As a result of Mallorca's perfect wine growing conditions, excellent wines have been produced on the Island for more than 2,000 years.
To honor this tradition, a team of experts at the Son Net Estate has created for your enjoyment a unique collection of extraordinary Mallorcan wines produced from the finest local grapes."
Please enjoy our Select Mallorcan Wines!

David Stein
Gran Hotel Son Net owner


In 2012, we began an ambitious project at the Gran Hotel Son Net regarding the fascinating world of wine.

Next to our hotel, we planted a vineyard of white Malvasia grape, the traditional Mallorcan grape, which covers a half-hectare.
Currently, we have our own wines and local products: a white wine, a rosé wine and two red wines, in addition to two sparkling wines and an olive oil.

We host wine tasting events for our guests. We also plan your visits to the best wineries around the island.

Son Net activities regarding wine:

  • Walking Tour around the Finca Son Net: discover its history and the winemaking project.
  • Visit the best wineries in Mallorca.:
    Mallorca-Tour with classic cars and wine tastings.