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Son Net Animals

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Animal experience gran hotel son net mallorca

Son Net Animals

The hotel, surrounded by …. Square meters, aims to purposely grant you the unique feeling of experiencing luxury among an old estate with a direct contact of nature.
In order to fulfil this goal, we bring to our property an organic garden, vineyards, majestic and millennial olive trees and the most iconic and representative animals of the island; sheep, ponies and donkeys along with chickens, ducks and guees??.

We would love for your to experience a direct contact with them by walking around their playground and feeding them. A unique experience for children and parents of all ages.

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Treehouse gran hotel son net mallorca
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Tree House

Unique Party Venue in Mallorca

The Tree House at Son Net is without question a unique space and setting, offering breathtaking views and exclusive experience for special guests which no other hotel in Mallorca offers.
Available for private breakfast, intimate ...

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Wine experience gran hotel son net mallorca
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Wine tasting

Vineyard & Wine Tasting

As a result of Mallorca’s perfect wine growing conditions, excellent wines have been produced on the Island for more than 2,000 years. To honor this tradition, a team of experts at Son Net Estate has ...

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Olive oil experience gran hotel son net mallorca
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Olive oil Tastings

Olive oil Tastings & Son Net “Albufera”

A thematic experience to discover and understand the history, the culture and the taste of this amazing Mediterranean food.

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Cycling gran hotel son net mallorca
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Mallorca is widely regarded as a cyclists' paradise, and with good reason. With its year-round warm, sunny climate with 300 days of sunshine, long mid-gradient climbs and well-maintained roads relatively free of traffic, it is ...

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Hiking experience gran hotel son net mallorca
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Mallorca, one of the most important tourist destinations on the Mediterranean has a very attractive and well-preserved rural areas and an extensive network of trails. And the majority of them pass through Serra de la ...

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